What’s with the cats?

You may have noticed that each of my reviews includes at least one cat.

That’s because I think most pictures of books are boring and most pictures of cats are cute. I like cute things, I have cute cats, and I want a cute blog – so my cats are on the blog!

And now, for the Cast of Cats!

The Builders
Calvyn Theodore, 2011 model, male, enjoys cuddling and yelling.
Her Majesty's Dragon
Klein, 2015 model, male, favorite hobbies are String Game and watching the ceiling fan.
Patsy Walker Hellcat
Tabytha Rosa, 2010 model, female, acts as the mommy of the clowder.
Superwoman - Who Killed Superwoman?
Skitter, 2014 model, female, is actually a kaiju.
Dragon Keeper
Clayra Rue, 2010 model, female, loves laps and sliding her tiny paw daggers into thighs.
Howl's Moving Castle
Charlotte Estee, 2010 model, can contort her body into any shape as long as it’s BOX.