Captain America: Sam Wilson, Volume 4: #TakeBackTheShield

Captain America: Sam Wilson, Volume 4: #TakeBackTheShield, written by Nick Spencer and Angel Unzueta and Paul Renaud, was published in 2017 by Marvel.

2 star

Sam Wilson’s fifth volume (but it’s volume 4! Thanks, Marvel!) as Captain America has a whole lot more of what makes the first books in his story great. In Captain America: Sam Wilson: #TakeBackTheShield, Nick Spencer has added some liberal villains to provide a contrast to all of the conservative ones he’s had in the last volume.

The first liberal villain makes for a great read – Flag-Smasher is as realistic as any super-villain can be, and it’s easy to imagine him as a real life person, resorting to terrorism when he feels like his voice isn’t being heard. I love the way Sam Wilson reacts to him – Sam is truly trying to do what he thinks is best while still respecting the huge mantle he’s currently carrying.

Captain America Sam Wilson vol 4 #takebacktheshield

I did think that the second liberal villain, a team of social justice warriors called The Bombshells, took the political commentary into ridiculousness. Spencer has made these characters into SJW stereotypes, featuring a “can’t even” and misuse of the trigger warning and ally concepts. I totally get what Spencer is going for here – and I know I’m part of what’s being poked at – but I don’t think any of the other villains in this series (liberal or conservative) were treated quite this disrespectfully. The Bombshells would have been more realistic and impactful if they had been toned down.


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